March 06, 2021 2 min read

Mutton Curry aka Lamb curry is a dish with many variations and it even has a counterfeit version. Mutton curry is Indian curry that has originated from Bengal and we love it with all our heart. The original way of preparing the dish was done in a large pot underwood fire. You can also use a clay pot for better tasting mutton curry, but nowadays we have pressure cookers and slow cookers as alternatives. Majorly the dish is served with rice, but you can also try Khameeri naan bread.

 Now we come to the main part of this story, that is about the variations that are used to prepare the mutton curry.

 Railway Mutton Curry is the version that was being since the British Raj colonial-era with primary ingredients being mutton, onion, tomato, and spices. This dish is served along with Dinner Rolls and crusty white bread on long journey trains. In this dish, they use tamarind to extend its shelf life. Many restaurants in Kolkata serve that dish till this date. The dish is prepared with coconut milk as a base.

 Kosha Mangsho is the Bengali way of preparing this mutton curry. Their version consists of less juice and more gravy than other mutton curries. The preparations are known as koshastyle, which involves retaining the flavor and moisture of the mutton by cooking it slowly and using sautéeing methods.

 Counterfeit Version

 In the Midlands, England, the trading standards officers went undercover to 20 randomly selected restaurants and they bought 39 lamb curry and kebab dishes. The results were surprising as 4 of the dishes contained no lamb, instead contained a mixture of beef, pork or chicken.

 In the investigation, they found out 3 lamb curries out of 19 that were tested contained the only lamb. Most of them had the mixture of lamb with beef or chicken. Even shocking was the realization that the twenty lamb kebabs that were sampled contained meats in addition to lamb mixed along with beef, pork or chicken.

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