Moong Dal Halwa Desert

"Moong Dal Simmered in milk and garnished with dry fruits"

Ready to eat Moong Dal HalwaThe delicious versatility of the moong bean shines at its sweetest in this Moong Dal Halwa Dessert, a ready-to-eat Indian food snack that satisfies your cravings in an easy-to-consume way. The snack contains moong rough paste soaked in milk to give it a richer texture and then sweetened with both vibrant dried fruits and tasty sugar syrup. The dessert is crafted out of 100 percent natural ingredients that do not contain any preservatives, MSG, or any other additives. With three easy heating methods to choose from, you can begin snacking easily and right away.

Sweet soaked moong paste doused in sugary syrup and bright, dried fruit

Ready to eat Indian food with no additives or preservatives

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