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Tawa Chaap - "Soya Chaap Cooked in Spicy and Tangy Gravy"

Regular price Rs. 160.00

Soya Chaap is a kind of mock meat or vegetarian/vegan meat prepared with soybean chunks and flour. The dough is then wrapped around wooden sticks to give a mock leg piece like appearance. The soya chaap adds great variety to the vegetarian menu. Especially if you are planning an Indian menu for the dinner party. For those who are looking for a delicious vegetarian curry other than paneer makhani, soya chaap masala is the answer.

Product Details:

  • Delicious Food Serve: The product can be consumed just by heating the content of the pouch, to get the delicious taste! This makes it easy to carry and travel with!
  • Complete Food: With the perfect taste of food, you can feel the dish served at home.
  • No Preservatives Added: Our food Process technology allows food to be fresh. A food processing technology of treating food to a high temperature under extremely high pressure.
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